I attended to ‘Move Fast and Break Thing: A Perspective on the Digital Economy’ and ‘Meeting Society’s Needs in the Fourth Industrial Revolution’ on the online festival which is called ‘Disruptive Innovation Festival’. I was understandably interested in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and have been thinking how to make a connection between the new technology and economy. That is why I  chose them with no doubt.

Firstly, with the Jonathan Taplin, His opinion accurately gave the essence what I have been worrying from a sudden change due to rapid development of  scientific technology. He mainly argued that people have come to expect everything to be available to them for free, however the freedom came with a price. I totally agree with his opinion. People have thought the Internet is a free and interesting space by Searching on the Google, Shopping on the Amazon, Doing SNS on the Facebook, but it is not. They have taken over the Internet. Mobile data, game items and some websites, these are have the price although they are just included in computer codes.  With the development of technology, it causes more spending money and other’s job in a same time. No more emerging new technology may be convenient things to the public.

Secondly, with Shyaam Ramkumar who is knowledge and innovation manager, I learned many things what I could not understand until now. For me, IOT which is Internet Of Thing was interesting and hard to understand technology. I know the what the IOT is, but I was confused how to use to our society from IOT.

He referred that from the steam engine to the Internet of Things, the technological breakthroughs brought forward by past and current industrial revolutions have transformed the way we live, work, and consume in profound ways. Mechanical innovations facilitated society’s move away from its agrarian past into the etchings of today’s urban landscapes; electric power and the popularisation of the assembly line introduced mass production.

I am really thankful to this online festival and it was a great experience listening to the experts in technologies.