How we can make higher product maturity? - Open Source Technology, Arduino

How we can make higher product maturity? – Open Source Technology, Arduino


When we make a software, Open Source Technology is described what software open ‘source code’ to the public how it was made. When we know the Source code, we can know how the program and software are formed. Also, with being based on it, it can be transshapped and applied.

Source code is a all mature system’s code which is applied in the computer software. Computer cannot understand human language, so it convert to a language which they can understand, and show the structure of software, performance property and algorithm. For example, as all products have a manual, a contents in computer language including every information in a digital device is a source code.

When developers make and sell a software system, they can earn moneys, and it can be called ‘the commercialization of software, however open source technology is the opposite concept.  Although people cannot derive financial benefit,  it has advantage to make higher completion by public’s  participation, edit and modification. In the same context, when the new softwares and programs are made by open source, it also should make public with open source.

A typical case of open source is the operating system Linux. Everyone can get it without purchase, and it is able to use, edit, and modify. ‘Arduino’ is a kind of open source hardware. It is totally open to the people who do not study engineering to access easily. Arduino connects each sensors and electronic components, and adopt set-up programs in computer. For that reason, we can make not only simple mini car or drone, but also robots which have complicated circuit by Arduino.

In summary,  when people make softwares or hardwares, opening to the public how it was made, how it has composed, and allowing to use is the ‘Open Source’. It is opposed to commercialization, and enable to reach higher product maturity by public’s participation.